The L.I.T. Program builds the skills of the next generation of leaders in order to serve, inspire, and empower children from their own neighborhoods.


  1. We believe that academic achievement is the cornerstone of impactful youth leaders

  2. We believe that access, exposure, and preparation are essential to college and career readiness

  3. We believe youth leaders are civically engaged, driven by a passion to serve others, and actively building strong leadership skills.

Mentoring & Positive Role Models

We provide LIT participants access to monthly workshops, summer programming, as well as monthly mentoring opportunities. 

  • Academic progress monitoring will begin once a month for 30 scholars

  • College readiness and work opportunities are beginning this summer

  • 2 youth leadership summits will take place June & July 2019!

Over the next year, we will continue to create more exciting, engaging, and life-changing opportunities for all of our scholars.  We need your support, commitment, and enthusiasm to drive this forward!

Ensuring Academic Support & Impact

Our academic program major focus is to ensure all of our scholars are prepared to graduate high school on time and are adequately prepared for postsecondary success.  To ensure we reach our goals of academic excellence, we are preparing to launch after-school tutoring for all of OUR L.I.Ts in the upcoming year!

Scholarship, Professionalism, & Leadership

Our goal is to build the next generation of leaders.  We recognize leaders as anyone with a strong desire to make a difference . We will begin more intentional programming for L.I.T’s in the upcoming year that will build career readiness skills, provide exposure to more colleges, and empower participants to be involved in their communities!

For more information about any ongoing or upcoming programs you or your scholars are interested, then please contact our Program Director, Ross Romenesko (414) 534-2246