A Future Urban Leader is a student who has shown the aptitude and interest in bettering themselves and helping others around them to find success and grown as individuals. 

“It’s about helping the young kids in the city, helping them to pave their our own way and get where they want to go.”
— Parent, Describing Future Urban Leaders


  • Complete all of life's work
  • Never gives up when challenged
  • Displays Exceptional Character
  • Treats others with kindness
  • Makes proactive choices
  • Demonstrates scholarly behavior


Our scholars begin their journey to leadership as early as 3rd grade and may continue all the way until graduating from high school. 


Our programs are broken into three stages, all of which offer unique experiences and programming to help foster the best possible learning environment for our scholars. 

STAGE 1:  Leadership Apprentices
Grades 3 - 5

STAGE 2:  Leadership Interns
Grades 6 - 8

STAGE 3:  Leadership Fellows
Grades 9 - 12

While scholars may join at any stage, we have found the highest success rates 100% among our scholars who have begun the program at the earliest stage.